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Generator Repair, Maintenance and Service

Generator Tune Up, Maintenance and Repair

Individualized Repair is the area's best generator service shop in the area.

We tune up, service and repair portable generator and whole house generators


A typical generator tuneup will include:

Manual startup of equipment

Check operation

Change oil/filter if applicable

Replace or clean air filter (Most generator filters are foam cleanable)

Replace Spark Plug(s)

Do visual inspection of wiring

Check battery charging voltage (if applicable)

Check equipment condition, safety and proper ground

Do visual check of fuel supply lines

Check for proper voltage

Check RPM and AC power output

Set/adjust exercise time (if requested)

Fuel line flush/cleaning (if needed)


Prices for this service varies widely based on make/model but most generator tuneups cost around $130


*Note- Additional repairs may be recommended and other parts are additional if needed.

We will notify you if these are necessary before completing the repair.

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