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Snow Blower Tune-Up, Service and Repair

Snow Blower and Snow Thrower Tune Up, Repair & Service

Individualized Repair is the area's best snow blower service shop in the area.


We tune up, service and repair snow blowers and snow throwers.



A typical snow blower or snow thrower tuneup will include:


Oil Change

Engine tune up

Check/adjust tire pressure

Change spark plug(s)

Check air/oil filters

Inspect block and cooling fins

Check recoil and electric starting features

Inspect and adjust all belts

Check drive system adjustment

Check drive/auger engagement cables and adjust

Set and adjust skid shoes and scraper bar

Grease and lube bearings and pulley's


Inspection and adjustment of all components - Safety systems, engine compression, fuel and ignition systems, belts, pulleys, linkage, scrapers, skids, augers, paddles and cables.


A complete carburetor flush and cleaning, oil change (4 cycle units), spark plug replacement, lubrication and adjustments as needed.



Prices for this service varies based on make/model but most snow blower and snow thrower tuneups cost around $125. Some cost more and some cost less, depending on model and engine type



*Note- Additional repairs may be recommended such as belts, pulleys, skids and other parts are additional if needed. We will notify you if these are needed before completing the repair.

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